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Cybersecurity Services

Clairos is uniquely suited to work with organizations on their cybersecurity programs, cybersecurity assessments, information security design, policies and procedures, vulnerability management, incident response, and training.

vCISO Services.

Clairos brings and provides executive and CISO-level strategic guidance from tenured, former Cybersecurity Experts. Our virtual CISO services helps executives & security teams safeguard information assets while supporting business operations – Our tenured, highly certified CISO-level strategic advisors average 20+ years of strategy, program, compliance, and maintains a strong focus on the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) frameworks.

Cybersecurity Program

Design and implement cybersecurity programs & policies that align with your business goals. Selecting the right cybersecurity programs and policies is only half the battle. You must comply with relevant statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements. Standards, guidelines, plans, and procedures must be developed to support the implementation of policy objectives and requirements.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Our assessment begin with a prioritized and risk-based approach to assessing a client’s information security posture and existing program. The assessment starts with Strategy and Risk discussions to gain a fundamental knowledge of the strategic goals and material risks. Having this context is critical to prioritizing the security roadmap and aligning security efforts to the company strategy.

Policies and procedures

Clairos understands that our client’s overall goals are to implement, run, and continually improve on a business-aligned, threat-aware cybersecurity program. Our program supports our client’s obligations to safeguard the security and confidentiality of the company’s information and computing resources, and to mitigate security risks.


Why Choose Our Services?

Clairos is the leader in Cybersecurity Services for many of the largest and most complex companies in the world. Global enterprises choose Clairos’ vCISO services to assess and manage their cybersecurity program. Our breadth and depth of knowledge and experience acquired from years of experience in the cybersecurity field enable us to meet the most challenging requirements and propel your cybersecurity program forward.

Clairos Is Backed By An A-List Team Of Cybersecurity Partners

The unlimited end-user access to our GRC platform deliver results in real-time, directly communicating between internal team members, Clairos, and partners.

ENSURING YOUR governance, risk & compliance

your cybersecurity framework in one centralized platform

Our GRC control’s tracking, scheduling, and assigning capabilities allow for a transparent understanding of your cybersecurity team’s work, completed tasks, and upcoming audits.

optimize threat management capabilities

Effective Cybersecurity training and Vulnerability Management.

Including cybersecurity training to employees and executives.

People Matter At Clairos

Continuing to reinvest in our employees in smart and strategic ways is essential for staying competitive in ever-changing markets. Prioritizing employee development has added advantages that truly make it a win-win proposition. From increased job satisfaction and loyalty to better retention rates, continued learning benefits everyone involved.

A Place Where People Enjoy Working.

Professional development provides employees with exposure to new people, fresh ideas, and creative ways of approaching current and future work. Through continued learning, Clairos’ employees can build industry knowledge, discover new strategies and techniques, and learn about the latest technological advancements.


Fully Optimized: The Only Cybersecurity Partner You Need

We’ll manage your cybersecurity for you