The United States depends on the reliable functioning of critical infrastructure. Cybersecurity threats exploit the increased complexity and connectivity of critical infrastructure systems, placing the Nation’s security, economy, and public safety and health at risk. Similar to financial and reputational risks, cybersecurity risk affects a company’s bottom line. It can drive up costs and affect revenue. It can harm an organization’s ability to innovate and to gain and maintain customers. Cybersecurity can be an important and amplifying component of an organization’s overall risk management.

Compliance with cybersecurity frameworks will soon be mandatory!

As with many core business functions, cybersecurity often requires a monetary investment and therefore needs space on your budget. The need for cybersecurity isn’t going away any time soon, it’s actually becoming more and more relevant for small businesses. That’s why it’s important to consider cybersecurity as part of your business – and your budget.

Clairos can help your business with cybersecurity guidance and cost-effective solutions. Clairos will provide you with a FREE GRC tool to track your cybersecurity program progress. You can also use this FREE GRC tool to manage your policies, cybersecurity controls and frameworks. Provide your board of directors with updates, compliance with standards (e.g. GDPRPCI, and HIPAA) and national or state regulations that legally require companies to maintain cybersecurity standards.

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